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Ming-Szu (Eric) Hung, M.D.

Ming-Szu (Eric) Hung MD

Visiting Scholar (2007-2009)

Ming-Szu (Eric) Hung is a Pulmonologist at Chang-Gung University - Taoyuan, Taiwan.  He grew up in central Taiwan, in Nantou County, and went on to study medicine at Chang-Gung University in Taoyuan (in the northern part of the island). After finishing his MD, he went on to complete a residency in Pulmonary Medicine and Critical Care at Chang-Gung Memorial Hospital. During his residency, he became interested in medical research, so after completing his training he enrolled in a PhD program also at Chang-Gung. As part of his still ongoing graduate work, Eric studied EGFR involvement in lung cancer in the laboratory of Dr. Chang-Ta (Jeff) Yang, incidentally a Jablons lab alumnus.

Here in the Thoracic Oncology Laboratory, Eric was specifically interested in the involvement of Casein Kinase II (CK2) in lung carcinogenesis. CK2 has been implicated in a number of signal transduction pathways, among them Wnt and Akt, and is may serve as a potential target of anti-cancer therapeutic agents.