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Sonny Batra

Sonny Batra

Staff Research Associate (2004-2005)
Visiting Undergraduate Honors Student (2004)

Sonny Batra completed his honors thesis in the Thoracic Oncology Laboratory as a senior at University of California, Berkeley in 2004. After graduating he worked as a Research Associate with the Laboratory from 2004-2005. His worked focused on elucidating epigenetic regulation of Wnt signaling in mesothelioma and NSCLC. Sonny went on to study medicine at Stanford University where he was awarded a Howard Hughes Medical Investigator NIH Research Scholarship.  Using the fellowsip, he studied the effects of tumor microenvironment on cell metablolism and oxygenation in the Radiation Biology Branch of the NIH. He is currently applying to residency programs in Radiation Oncology.