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Roshni R. Ricchetti

Roshni Ray Ricchetti

Lab Manager
Staff Research Associate

Thoracic Oncology Laboratory
UCSF Comprehsive Cancer Center
2340 Sutter St, Room N261
San Francisco, CA 94143-1724 (or 94115, courier service)
Phone:  415-502-0555
Pager:  415-443-2631
Fax:  (c/o Julie Link) 415-353-9530
[email protected]

Roshni is responsible for the Thoracic Tissue Bank--a vast collection of tissue samples harvested by the UCSF Thoracic surgeons and catalogued in a state-of-the-art database. Her research focus is on gene expression analysis in lung cancer, primarily using quantitative PCR but also microarray analyses. She worked with surgical resident Dan Raz to identify a multi-gene signature that may serve as a prognostic indicator of mortality in lung adenocarcinomas, and then worked with another resident, Johaness Kratz, to adapt this signature into a viable clinical assay.

Roshni studied Materials Science/Engineering at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Chemistry/Chemical Biology at the University of California, Berkeley.  After completing her studies, she spent a year as a Staff Researcher in Dr. Jay Keasling's synthetic biology lab at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and joined the Jablons lab in 2006.